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Twitter added Bash button to its website

26, Feb 2013 By anshulm7

Twitter, a major social networking website which has become an official platform for virtual fights over the internet, has added a Bash button onto its websites and applications. Our Technology editor, Prakash Android, went straight to Twitter India Headquarters to confirm as this could be mischief of a hacker and to know more about this feature and the reason behind it.

“Yes, we have added a Bash button on Twitter. All this started when my girl friend poked me on facebook. A sudden idea came into my mind that if poke can be used on facebook, why can’t we have Bash button on twitter, given that facebook has become place for lovers and freinds and Twitter has become place for agitated persons. All this is done for the convenience of Twitter users”, informed senior official at Twitter India Headquarters. But he declined to answer when asked about whether he uses facebook.

Twitter users seemed to be very much excited on hearing the news of additional feature on Twitter. Chaman Lal, who signed up on Twitter nine months ago, to change and revolutionize the world, especially India, said he is very happy since he had seen the Bash button on Twitter. He also said that he had posted 161 tweets to let the world know how happy he is.

Another Twitter user, Reema, said that this feature would allow the twitter users to save energy as people, otherwise, had to write a lot of bad words to abuse their Twitter enemies. She also added that this would allow them to write more as Twitter only allows 140 characters to write in a Tweet.

Meanwhile, facebookers started showing their agitation over the news by disliking the post showing the news report of Bash button on Twitter.  “Copy Cat :<  :< :<", A facebooker has posted in a comment.

” Twitter is for losers only. These people have no friends at all and they even don’t show their real names on it. They can post stupidiest tweet because they know no one can recognizes them. But we people at the facebook are daring ones as we have to cope with our social friends in the comments’ section if we post a minor silly tweet”, opined one facebooker on asking what are her views on this matter but she seemed unavaialble afterwards as she started posting about this conversation on facebook.

Soon after seeing the Bash button button on Twitter, great thinkers of Twitter started their social service of giving their golden views on every matter that happens in this universe. Some Twitter users tweeted that instead of Bash, Thok name should be used as Thok is a Hindi word and Hindi is our National Language.

By the time we end up writing this report, #BASH and #TrueChange were on the top of the trending list of Twitter.