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To support of Net Neutrality, IIN backs out from Idea network; will be available on all networks

18, Apr 2015 By Bhushan

Mumbai: To support net neutrality IIN today decided to back out from idea network. From today IIN will be available on all mobile networks. From now on students can take admission in IIN through any mobile network. After reading this news many students started celebrating.

He will be everywhere now

When our reporter met IIN principal Mr Abhikesh Buchchan and asked about this decision his response was interesting.

“Our motto is ‘An idea an change your life‘ and to create an idea knowledge is must. Knowledge should not be bound to any network. It should be free. Hence we have decided from now on to take admission through all networks and no reservation will be provided on the basis of your sim card,” he said.

On the side note he also told our reporter that he is a part time actor and has taken his acting lessons from IIN Mumbai.

When we met Ex-IIN alumni Mr Sahu who created a drone for the delivery of eggs and asked for his response on this decision, he was very excited.

“During my IIN days there was no other option than idea sim card so even if fees (data pack) were more I had to use it. But now I have a girlfriend so I switched to uninor because uninor to uninor calls are free. You know what I mean,” he said.

He further added that “after reading this news I have decided to again take admission in IIN this time through Uninor to learn how to create a Jet aircraft so that I can take my egg delivery from poultry farms as fast as possible from anywhere in the world”.

Various other ex-IIN alumni like KKRK, samarika bose, Babul Bandhi, Bigvijay Bing, Zeeshan Verma, Reetika Katkone too are very happy after reading this news. At the end we can say only one thing about this decision “What an idea sir ji !!!!”