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The Social Media Therapy: A Life-Altering Research

07, May 2015 By akanksha

Desire Research Institute has recently formulated the theory on Social Media Therapy. Yeah! U heard it right! I am not talking of a Rehabilitation Centre for Whatsapp and FB dead-diction but the healing power of the social media.

It’s a mind blowing research and the world is abuzz with the benefits. Parents who were till last night screaming at their kids asking them to keep their phones aside have suddenly gone mum.

The Airfel and Sodafone services outlets have recorded the highest sales of net packs as parents are flocking in, in huge numbers to get net packs activated on their children’s phones. The highest ever sales has been recorded and media is going crazy. Parents are asking their kids to recreate their daily time table and keep at least an hour solely for social media every day. Kids are caught clueless and are unable to understand this overnight shift in their parents’ behavior.

Couples now certified to use their internet, without guilt!
Couples now certified to use their internet, without guilt!

Meanwhile, the scenario is quite optimistic in the marital world too. Couples in mid-life crisis who had given up hope on their partners and marriage, are once again positive about a miraculous transformation in their life. While they fought over the usage of phone with each other, now they are pleasantly promoting its use for their partner with a ray of hope that the therapeutic powers of social media would change things for the better.

So here is a short summary of the kinds of people who post a certain type of content, the probable psychological need and its therapeutic effects:

1. People in each WhatsApp group or in your friend list on FB who Like a lot of posts and expect the same when they post something: They may be those who were always criticized by their parents or teachers and were told time and again that they’re ‘good for nothing’. And when they expect you to Like their joke on WhatsApp, it is in order to get the much needed recognition they’ve been denied all through. You’ll never know how much it means to them. Unhe bhi mauka do chamakta sitara ban’ne ka!

2. People questioning whatever Modi or Kejriwal or Obama are doing: There may be a few of us who have always complied with their elders and seniors in life. They could never muster the courage to question authority. And this is how they make up for the need to feel in power. Tumne thappad khaye hote bachpan mein, tab tum samajhte.

3. People ‘reading a book’, ‘watching a movie’, ‘having coffee’, ‘meeting friends’: They may be busy wherever, but they want to mark their attendance in the world and remind you that they exist. Haazir hun!

4. People who read and scroll but silently: They may be the ones who are interested in you and feel the need to be connected. Yet they can’t participate directly for whatever reason. Don’t give them stress by expecting them to. Chupke chupke.

5. People attending Reading clubs and Heritage walks: There are groups where people from all walks of life may have come together to explore what had been completely left out of their lives, or to pursue their passion. Let them mingle to feed their heart. What’s in a name? Chalo pata lagayein..

6. Photographers, painters and artists: They capture happiness in frames and spread it to the world. Not only are they fulfilling their heart’s desire but also letting your senses taste what you could otherwise miss. A pic is worth a thousand words…Chup chap dekh

7. Games, quizzes of the weirdest order and horoscopes etc: We need newness every day. Life would be too monotonous without it. So there are enough of these to lure each of us into trying one, such as What is my Love quotient? , Which celebrity do I resemble?, What was I in my last birth? etc. Dhongibaba ki bhavishyavani

8. And of course there is business: Whatever you do, money can’t be left out. We don’t step out without a wallet. Undeniable! So there they are! None of us would question the therapeutic powers of shopping.. Retail Therapy. Sabse bada Rupaiya

In a world full of people in billions, with concerns and problems increasing exponentially, social media specially WhatsApp and Facebook, brings solace to each one in its own way. It fulfills that one need that remained unfulfilled through childhood or adolescence or in the adult life. No wonder, people have been cribbing about the time they spend on social media but in spite of realizing its evils, they have not been able to stay away.

It is a source to fill the void in our life and it does so quite well. So stop being guilty and have a blast!!! Lage Raho.. Do keep us posted about the big or small miracles that take place in your life, after reading this research.