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The "Last Seen War" between females and males

19, Mar 2014 By choudharyhp

As we all know WhatsApp has been acquired by Facebook for 19 billion dollar, after that every person on this planet was waiting for some unexpected change but everyone knew that there will be some change in WhatsApp that will lead to either coke wala happiness or DoCoMo wala sadness.

Creating rift
Creating rift

So here comes the new unexpected change, when people got to know that they can disable their “Last see at x time” feature on their WhatsApp there were two reactions : happiness among males and sadness among  females.

So the other day all males were celebrating it on roads with crackers and some males even celebrated Holi this time only with green and blue colour because green is for WhatsApp  and Blue is for Facebook. When some reporter asked them why you all are playing with blue and green colour, happily all males said, “After this new feature, my last seen stamp can be disabled so no one can see when is my last seen. So we all decided to play Holi with only two colours (Blue and Green) to show our appreciation for making this wisest decision ever on earth by Facebook.”

But recently there was news that some women are making a community and will be fighting against this decision of Facebook to get back the “Last Seen” feature as compulsory for WhatsApp user. Seeing all this, Kejriwal has shown his support for these women  and said, “Don’t worry join AAP party” to fight against Facebook. Kejriwal also said that if required he will sit with all women fighters on “a dharna” and he will ask Facebook to remove customization option.

After this even Rahul Gandhi extended his warm support and said, “Don’t worry I will take care of this issue as I have always talked and supported women empowerment but on one condition you all should  vote for me in the upcoming 2014 election.”

When one reporter quoted that this is a very big opportunity for all parties to grab the vote from females.  But Narendra Modi is a bachelor so he is in big dilemma to say anything, at last he opened his mouth and extended support to all males saying, “Don’t worry I will make sure that this particular feature of LAST SEEN will not be removed and you will all be safe from your girlfriends and wifes.”

So now let’s wait and watch who gets coke wala happiness and who gets DoCoMo wala sadness.

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