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Teenage girl from Chikodi with 150 FB friends gets 1000 likes for selfie, gets 350 new friend requests, in 2 hours

27, Oct 2014 By Rohit Ballurgi

Piyu, 16, from Chikodi, is a good-looking girl, studying in 10th standard, in GSES high school Chikodi. Piyu is not a frequent visitor of Facebook. She always kept her Facebook profile picture blank. Piyu has 150 friends in her Facebook friends list, most of them are from her family, relatives, teachers and schoolmates.

girl with 150 FB friends gets 1000 likes in 2 hours
Piyu’s DP

Everything was as usual till the evening of Diwali, Wednesday. Piyu enjoyed her Diwali with her family and friends, out of joy Piyu decided to update her Facebook profile picture. Piyu took her selfie, updated her Facebook profile picture, at 6 PM, and immediately logged out. She never had a habit of spending time on Facebook. Then Piyu went to Sai Mandir with her friends, located within 1 Km from her residence. Piyu returned home at 8 PM. Piyu was sitting on the sofa chatting with her cousins. Piyu decided to check updates on Facebook. After logging-in in Facebook, Piyu was shocked to see 1000 likes for her selfie. What more? Piyu had got 350 new friend requests. All this within 2 hours.

After getting this news, our FAKING NEWS correspondent from Chikodi Prasad Kadam alias Ballu, contacted Piyu immediately, on the same evening.

Ballu asked Piyu “ma’am how do you react to this?” Piyu shrugged initially, [Piyu was little nervous] “I am surprised! I never expected this,” said Piyu. Ballu, Ma’am will you accept all those new friend requests? “I haven’t thought about it yet,” said Piyu.

“Will Piyu become frequent visitor of Facebook henceforward?” Ballu puts this question to FAKING NEWS readers, finishing his interview with Piyu.