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Teen makes girlfriends after girlfriends to build and remember passwords

26, Nov 2013 By Manish Aneja

With the growing use of social media and other networking platforms, it has become quite tough to remember all the usernames and passwords of such luring web pages.

Driving innovation.
Password – Driving innovation.

Every time one tries to use some application or service on internet, it asks for “sign in” or “registration” and makes the user to attain new username and password for the futuristic use of it.

When the series of such compulsive actions could not be remembered by a teen in New Delhi area, he started using his girlfriend’s names and mobile numbers to conserve and remember passwords, which led him to become the addict of ‘pleasure of flesh’ and ‘Social Media’.

Since its inception, people of every class and society used names of their current or ex-girlfriends to remember the passwords or to pay tribute to their EXs and feel like a broken heart guy.

One such guy was found by a team of Digital surveys org, which they claim to be a teen of 22 yrs old and only makes and breaks relationships based on his usage of the particular Digital media service. The guy nick named “Play Bye” by his friends is in 2nd year of his bachelors degree program and maintaining almost 6 girlfriends these days. He is named so, because he plays Bye-Bye and “making-up” with the girls he believes is useful to him and believes in real time acts only.

While Digital Survey team reached his mother to know why his son makes such moves and exploit innocent girls just to remember passwords, his mother recounted some real incidents of his childhood. She continued, “Lalla(pet name)” was an intelligent student and always learnt science and geography through real terms and practices, he always believed in genuinity. As he grew older and became addict of IT and technology, he continued the same practice of learning and remembering things through actual occurrences.

While Play Bye/Lalla said: “I am just unable to remember such complex things like usernames and passwords as they are meant to be related to real name and D.o.b. And whenever I tried linking it to my name or some actual identity, it started giving me suggestions of available usernames, which I accept after a lot of thought. But passwords are prone to security lapses and I am not a much sharp mind to remember all of them. I have seen people using their partner’s or ex-partner’s name, which is perhaps a good idea to keep remembering passwords as well as girlfriends. In this time of technology and modernity, both things are needed and are available in abundance (girlfriends and passwords)”.

This guy made Ojasvi, Garima, Falguni, Tanya, Yogita, Ishita and Sneha his girlfriends to use their name/contact details in Orkut, Google accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo account, IRCTC and Skype accounts respectively. But he ended up with Ojasvi in May 2011 after failed to maintain his Orkut account, rest of them and playing happily with this notorious “Play Bye”

He also deliberately broke up with Wini and Laalsa after he did not find WordPress and Linkedin interesting.