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Teen enacts suicide over zero notification on Sarahah

16, Aug 2017 By babu n

⁠⁠⁠If you are reading this, then you’re probably tired of your social media feed being filled with shades of turquoise with absurd statements in them. This feel of infuriating is an evidence that you’re still in touch with your sanity.

In this bizarre event of an eighteen-year-old imbecile posting a live Facebook feed of him bleeding to death owing to zero notifications in the, so called trendy app, Sarahah. It was later clarified to be enacted with sauce and not blood by the attention seeking teenager himself as a consequence of the video failing to garner even a single like.

Really sad
Really sad on not getting any notification

Sarahah (translates to “honesty” in Arabic) seems to have taken over the internet, in a bad way to be precise. An app developed for anonymously registering feedback in an organization has become a tool for people, particularly teenagers to blow their own trumpet. A recent survey from NASA reports that ninety percent of Sarahah’s messages are cooked and the remaining ten percent are results of cyber bullying.

Scientists believe that people believe anything that starts with the words “scientists believe that” with that in concern, Peter Baelish, a renowned scientist says, ” This app proves the vulnerability of human beings. It will eventually lead to chaos and chaos is a ladder”.There have been cases of people admitting of bribing others to post great things about them, meanwhile, Mr. Sinha, a Sarahah user weeps about losing his best friend for the reason of not impersonating his crush to be admiring him. Rumors about sarahah revealing the identity of senders have devastated people who have used this portal as a proposal medium. Experts predict that the worst outcome of the outbreak of sarahah is a group of people posting shit like, “Raise your hand if you have never used Sarahah!” “We belong to the 1 percent of the population who never used sarahah”. Brace yourself, Stupidity is coming.

If you feel a certain way about someone, go tell them by looking into their eyes. Period.