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Techie completes Ice Bucket challenge, gets beaten up by roommates

22, Aug 2014 By surajr

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Bangalore: Following social media trends blindly proved disastrous for a young techie after he was hospitalized with severe injuries after being beaten up by his roommates for completing the Ice Bucket Challenge. To add to his miseries, he has also been diagnosed with pneumonia.

Rahul Bieber (name unchanged to reveal identity) who is employed with AND Gate Technologies is currently recovering from his injures. Speaking to this Faking News reporter, Rahul said, “I wanted to become popular on social media by becoming the first Indian techie to complete the Ice Bucket challenge. It would have increased my popularity 100 times. Apart from including it in my annual appraisals for my Value Creator objectives, I wanted to leverage this to boost my chances of getting a girlfriend.”

Fighting hard to hold back his tears Rahul added,”I had revealed my plans to my roommates a couple of days back over lunch. They had warned me against it, but I figured that they were plain jealous of my future fame. But I never expected them to stab me in the back like this.”

However, Rahul was utterly clueless when asked what ALS stands for and what its symptoms were.

But further investigation indicate that jealousy may not have been the prime motive behind this brutal assault. Former associates of Rahul told Faking News that Rahul was a constant pain and he had it coming. Apart from tagging his roommates on every Facebook post he used to send countless Candy Crush and Farmville invites to all and sundry. Despite being a teetotaler, Rahul would finish off the cold-drinks and chakna at every party, leading to intense frustration amongst everyone. But the ill-advised Ice Bucket challenge was the straw that finally broke the camel’s back. According to sources, Rahul had allegedly used up all the ice that his roommates had made for an upcoming daaru-party in his Ice Bucket challenge. Further, the water splashed all over the crates of chakna and cigarettes destroying them instantly. His irate roommates then ganged up on him and thrashed him mercilessly.

Meanwhile, Mulayam Vadra, the landlord of his apartment has asked Rahul to vacate the flat. Speaking to Faking News, Mulayam dismissed it as an internal matter and said “Mistakes happen. Boys will be boys.”