Wednesday, 25th April, 2018

Teachers are constantly refining us

29, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Were the past days’ teachers used to execute tests? Were they very sincere in imparting practical knowledge to their disciples? They must have been so otherwise those who find time appreciate their teachers would not do so. At present, the teaching is done in the confined environment of the classroom. It can be equipped with several facilities but the education on the open ground under the banyan tree used to be very beneficial to the precocious learners. Today a seventh class was telling his elder how intelligence is required for cheating. When the students develop such notion, there appears some flaw in the level of the qualitative teaching.

There are no dearths of unique teachers. A Hindi teacher was strict in his class that he turned out to be known as Akhhard Guru. Some of the teachers falter incorrect different manners. One Maths teachers thought of savouring restaurant’s dish one day. He reached city’s popular eatery. He ordered only a few rotis and one empty katori. The waiter was awestruck. This is only one of its kind customers. The waiter unable to restrain himself asked how you are eating roti by dipping into bare small cup. The teacher confidently replied, “As you know while solving problems in the mathematics, sometimes, one thing is assumed, so I have also presumed daal in the Katori.”

Another teacher brought a washer man’s ass and placed two separate buckets before it. One metal bucket was filled with the tape water and also positioned another plastic bucket filled up with English wine. As usual, the meek ass drank the whole of the water. Demonstrating this example before the obedient students, he asked them what you have learnt from this. One sharp-minded student very mildly said, “Sir, those refrain from gulping down wine are complete asses.”