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Sting and open survey about "Right to Privacy"

31, Jul 2017 By Prashant Prabhu

How this reporter understood Indian idea of ‘privacy’ was shaken and led to a sting operation and an open survey later. Detail report ahead.

On a rainy day, waiting for bus, this reporter was getting angry by each passing minute. Looking at the potholes on the road near that Ghatkopar bus stop, which was making already slow traffic to crawl, he decided that he will take revenge by writing some great ‘Fake news’ that even Trump will have to tweet about next morning in his toilet time.

But just that moment he overhreard two middle aged immigrants, meaning migrants talking in Hindi. “Arre yaar ye privacy kya cheez hoti hai re?” all the while scratching his itchy parts ( being a family news article, the name of the part is edited).

“Abe &%#&%ye (edited), privacy yane galat sawal nahi puchte?”

“Hum kahe ko galat sawal puchenge?”

“Bilkul puchte ho!” one bystander jumped in their ‘private’ conversation in typical Indian tradition.And that made the reporter start this “sting’ operation!

“Chal bolo, kaun sa galat sawal”

“Sab Indian nequiry karate hai dost ya bhai etc ke salary ya income ki”.. the knowledgeble and educated bystander told both in chaste Hinglish.

“Arre nahi puchenge to kaise pata chalega ki usase udhaar kitana lena aur kitana dubana, ya late vapas karana. Pagar nahi puchenge to kaise pata chalega?”

Taken aback, the educated guy gave another example. : Kisi ladki ko usaki age nahi puchate”

“Arre kya boleta ho. Agar nahi puchenge to kaise pata lagega ki woh mere mausa ke ladke ke dost ke chachere bhai ke layak umar ki hai ke nahi. Agar badi hui to to isake ( pointing to the other) mami ke chacheri behan ka jo ladka hai usko theek hogi! Woh to apane liye thodi puchate hai” both of them laughed.

The educated guy was taken aback again. Still he gallantly  carried on…” Hum Indian jab koi bhi baat kar rahe ho to beech me naak dalate hai… poking our noses is our worst habit”.

“Arre saab, kya angrezi zaadte ho. Agar tum beech me nahi bolate to hume kaise pata chalata ye privacy kya bala hai! Ye court wale log kyu zagad rahe he iske piche! Aap bole to samaza na!”

And this reporter got a great subject for a great article. Leaving the bus stop, dreaming about the awards he will get,  he went to the college area looking for the rising young India. Now the sting was over and he was asking openly the youth about his or her views on privacy. First came one girl. Asking her about privacy issue was very easy. “Oh you mean Facebook privacy setting? They are very important in life. In today’s modern times ( becoming very philosophical)  yo know the girls should keep privacy settings, like real strict. You know like only my 3887 FB friends can see my Goa beach trip pics. No other pervert types can! So i am safe” and she ran to one of her friends to take a selfie!

Then one more young chap who overheard me asking that question came on his own. “Which news paper?” He asked in as much swag he can show. On being told the name, he did his utmost to hide the disappointment and said.. that girl was a fool. She has declined my friend request 17 times but there are ways in Facebook to see her awesome pics… he smiled mysteriously. I said the question was about Indian’s fundamental right of privacy. “Ohh… the fundamental right should be … thinking real hard….yes. Right to information! Right to have ‘Info’ about any girl or income of my friends!

The reporter again started counting potholes.At least they don’t answer like $%&@&^$!