Monday, 19th March, 2018

Static happiness fades with loss

06, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Rambling walks signify beauty of the location and the whole existence looks interesting in the film stories. A normal or designed ring remains attached to the female’s whole life so long as it is spotted in her middle finger. Imtiaz Ali’s latest motion film’s story also revolves around the ring whilst it is lost inadvertently. Normally if the lady’s ring is lost somewhere, they make a lot of indispensable fuss. If it is of golden metal, they cannot tolerate its sudden missing from their fingers.Though the empty finger in European or Caucasian countries hints at some sort of judder in the firm marital relations, the vanished ring creates reasonably a lot of valid explanations.

When the golden ring is usually lost at some public place in our country the chance for its recovery remains fairly faint and the disappointed female gives her every hope of finding the lost ring despite all efforts. But the foreign countries do not present such a dismal picture. As we learnt of how a commuter has thanked two utility workers for finding her wedding ring after this costly precious ring plunged into a New York sewer.

According to the reports, an eight-month-old pregnant lady was travelling through Grand Central Terminal in the American city when she took off her ring after some uneasiness. However, the ring slipped out of her hold and dropped into the sewer. If such kind of matter occurs in our peaceful country, the sewer cleaner automatically becomes the real authentic owner of the lost thing. In spite of bringing every concrete evidence in support of the lost article, the actual owner only cries in vain. He keeps his attention fixed on the ring. Notwithstanding all the odd thinking that follows after the missed ring abruptly fades into the dark oblivion.