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Soon there will be no candy crush invitations: PM Modi

03, Oct 2014 By Derrick Dsouza

Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is in Delhi to meet Prime minister Narendra Modi on a invitation request sent by the PMO.

If sources  are to be believed, it is PM Narendra Modi who personally invited Zuckerberg to complain about people who persistently keep sending candy crush requests and irritate everyone.

Modi Mobile
Modi blocking a person who sent him Candy Crush request.

Deepak jeeth, a computer engg. from Mumbai who started the Anti- candy crush petition has almost 1 lakh signatures which was sent to the PM.

“We knew Modi was a man of action so we were confident that our petition would be of some relevance,” said an excited Deepak.

“These people are jobless, and their this action needs to be suppressed,” says a sightly infuriated Deepak. He shows a survey and adds, “most of the people who receive this request repeatedly generally tend to become psychologically ferocious and belligerent.”

“We are happy that the PM gave a look on a critical issue like this,” Deepak added.

It is believed that this issue became a serious one when some of Modi’s friends and relatives began complaining to him.

In a telephonic conversation to faking news, Mark Zuckerberg sounds optimistic saying, “We are looking at this issue with highest level of seriousness because I myself get around 4000 odd requests daily.”

“We are also trying to develop an app which will automatically send a message to people going to Goa that its not customary to post 1000 pictures with a caption titled ‘goaaaaaaaa’,” he added.

Sources say Modi will be thanking Zuckerberg for bringing revolution in the social media as well as raising concerns about plagiarism where facebookiyaas copy paste jokes from twitter without giving proper credit.