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Software Engineer develops technology to get more ‘Likes and Comments’ on Facebook

18, Jul 2013 By dhakkadchora

NEW DELHI: A software engineer has successfully written a code that would run on your Facebook profile once every month to add a random ‘Thank You’ comment on all of your photos – this would also ensure that there is a notification generated and your photos come back on everyone’s news-feed. This is being called as the most important invention of all times after the invention of internet itself.

“Above everything else this would be of great help to all females on Facebook! I myself had to spend a lot of time commenting on my old photos so that they are visible to everyone once again and then people would write more comments and likes on my photos. All my friends had similar tedious experiences while trying to gather more likes and comments on their pictures. But now we could utilize that time to edit our pictures in Adobe-Photoshop to make us look beautiful…er…more beautiful!” said an overjoyed Ankita Kukreja, software engineer with a multinational IT company based in Gurgaon.

Ankita Kukreja is a very active member on Facebook with more than 1500 friends (out of which she knows only 415, and the rest are only to like here statuses and photos); she has also got more than 2000 digitally-modified photos and boasts a whopping 500+ likes on most of them. She says “I make it a point that I revisit all my photographs once every month and add a comment there. I have observed that this practice earned me more likes and comments every time! One of the other practices I follow religiously is copying stuff from Twitter and posting it on FB. While most of that stuff is not understood here on FB, still people like it and leave a comment in my praise… LOL LMAO ROFL

Ankita Kukreja is also working on a book titled ‘How to get more likes and comments on your FB profile’. She says it was always her dream to help the youth of this nation especially the women in resolving the issues that they have to face in our society.

Information and broadcasting ministry in association with NCW (National Commission for Women) has already nominated Ankita for the ‘Bharat Nirman-2013’ award to recognize her contribution towards the empowerment of Indian women.

The software has already been tested and QC passed. It will be available as an extension app to download for free in all mobile OS app stores 20th August’13 onward.

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