Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

Software Engineer was asked to travel back India from on-site as he forgot to update his Facebook status to travel before flying

30, Apr 2017 By SisodiyaRatnesh

A software engineer Mahesh in Bangalore has been desperately waiting for an on-site opportunity since last 10 years and when he finally got the one, he was in so excited and in a hurry that he forgot to update his Facebook status as “Flying from Bangalore international airport to XYZ airport, United States”.

As soon as Mahesh landed at XYZ airport USA, his project manager Suresh who is his so-called Facebook friend noticed that Mahesh didn’t update his Facebook status while checking-in at Bangalore airport. Suresh got angry and tried to call Mahesh to update Facebook status but since Mahesh was already in flight so his phone was unreachable.

Suresh told Faking news that how can Mahesh be so careless? We thought he is a sincere and reliable reliable resource that’s why we nominated his name for such an important on-site role to maintain excel sheets like a data entry operator. We had not given a damn shit even if Mahesh would not have performed well in on-site role but how can he forget to update Facebook status.

“Mahesh should have been aware that updating Facebook status is the most important part of the process when a software engineer is traveling to on-site. Even the onsite client also asks for screenshot(as a proof) of offshore resource’s Facebook status and then makes resource billabilty related payments to us once they review and audit Facebook status of offshore consultant traveling on-site”, Suresh added.

Since Mahesh was already instructed by Manager Suresh last week that after travel of 27 hours from Bangalore to USA, you need to report to the client office ASAP in sleep-deprived condition as you are supposed to be a slave at client location, therefore, Mahesh reached client office right from the XYZ airport. As soon as Mahesh reached and got a minute time to call back India his manager Suresh, Suresh got angry and reprimanded him for such an intolerable mistake.

Though Mahesh apologized but Suresh asked him to travel back to Bangalore as there is no reason for the our company to keep Mahesh at on-site as client won’t pay for Mahesh’s billabilty as he didn’t update facebook status. Mahesh is in trauma and now reached at Bangalore three days back. Ever since Mahesh landed Bangalore he is updating his Facebook status for commuting small distances within Bangalore and office as well. Mahesh has updated his status 50 times in last three days and posting his travelling status like “travelling From home to office”, “travelling office desk to washroom”, “travelling washroom to cafeteria” ,”travelling cafeteria to desk” , “travelling desk to sutta corner” etc in order to avoid to forget updating Facebook status while traveling to on-site in next project opportunity.