Wednesday, 25th April, 2018

Social media users chew malice up

20, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The popularity of social media is immense. When a user posts a video it is widely viewed with ample interest by so many other users. Subsequently, razor-sharp reactions also start pouring in scores. This leads to counter responses and there begins ultimately a total war on every vague aspect. It appears as if the social media have turned into the concrete platform for instant criticism and appreciation. Twitter’s tweets and Whatsapp’s posts draw everyone’s attention. None can escape from its deadly reach. Everyone is taking the social media for one’s rationale. We have read President Trump’s tweets and other social media reactions are to be documented and preserved for future references.

When a friend posted a video of an elephant exercising by the rope gradually, she got the reply it suited you flawlessly. Both being classmates were not expecting such inconsiderate comment. The video was showing the trend of indigenous women’s lethargic style of work out for reduction of their body fats. But the blunt classmate took it otherwise and sent the video with that harsh message annoying her friend enormously.

This caused a lengthy argument between them and they did not prevent using their frustrations and angers in roasting each other. Normally they try to excel in each other one or other things but this funny instance remained a little different from their usual normal grouse. Thankfully, the spat stopped in the middle way as one of them used to be not so outspoken and rude. She maintained her calm and composure to a dignified level. It was due to this very immediate reason their verbal fires doused till the summer vacations’ conclusion.

It is being understood that they should probably meet on Eid day to make their mind up for the same old friendship. Not so serious matter can find them to agreeably affable avowal once again. It is definitely a saner idea. School friends’ are made to quarrel and later to endorse their friendship with fresh optimism. This may be an undefined imperative of the school’s environment.