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"Social Media" a new subject in 10th class from upcoming session

17, Mar 2017 By Tushar Gupta

Due to the rigorous investment of time and deep interest of today’s young and old generation into social media and continuous disputes over various issues, Central Board of Chapariya Education (CBCE), Dholakpur had decided to introduce the subject of Social Media in the curriculum of 10th class as a compulsory subject.

The front of the book
The front of the book

The syllabus is being said to be designed with the collaboration of various other prominent Universities of India, including Fakirchand & Lakeerchand Trust University (FALTU), Emity University, Baba Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), and various other prominent University of India. Since the topics to be covered has not been decided yet but it is being said that the prime focus of the subject is to teach the upcoming generation is the sense of responsibility that each person has while posting anything on social media. The HRD Ministry had also asked AICTE to introduce the higher level of the subject to curriculum of engineering as various data shows that it is 60% of the engineers who specially spread too much of nuisance on social media.

As the reporters from Faking News tried to contact Smt. Sonam Gupta, Director of Curriculum Control of CBCE and tried understand the future aspects of the new introduced subject, they told us that, “The introduction of this new subject in 10th board is just the beginning. We are planning to slowly introduce it in senior secondary as well. It is one of its kind in the world to tell other people that social responsibilities could be taught to the society at the right age.” After listening these words from Smt. Sonam Gupta Ji and there vision towards the betterment of disputes and social media responsibilities its right to say that, “Social media platforms could be modalised to be the better place to invest time to.”