Monday, 19th March, 2018

Social domains overpower ghosts

25, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Social sites are real ghosts of the present days. What was once done by the apparitions in the late night hours is now in the grip of the popular domains like we know? There is the same darkness in the night and dread but the scare of the ghosts are no longer persisting.The stories of the ghosts are nearly losing its vehemence owing to the prevalence of the television and the smart phones. One thing which the social media have established with all the force in point of fact is that the dread of the ghosts in the minds of the children and the girls have gone.

There was a time when they used to be frightened with the very name of these kinds of apparitions. The presence was a very big thing in those pre-television or applications like WhatsApp and Facebook days. They really were dangling in the position of to be not to be. That was why a dialogue of an extraordinarily popular film achieved immense popularity because of the line of the particular narrative. Currently, the children fearlessly remain glued to the idiot box for viewing spectres’ based files as they have completely understood of fabrication behind the ghosts. While the young girls are not panicked by the very thought of those deadly spirits.

In turn, they keep themselves busier in chatting over social sites. They do not find an iota of trepidation from the sprites after those midnight hours. They find total freedom in chatting at those wee hours of the earth’s daily rotation. When the fear from the adolescent minds is waning fast, the ghosts seem to have lost their age-old service of terrorising the kids and the teenagers. The dreadful spectres are supposed to be passing their time in odd things. The fear factor is no longer frightening the target group.