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SOBO Couple end their engagement after the groom refuses to post their Pre-wedding shoot on Facebook

10, Jun 2017 By Kreena Desai

Mumbai: It was a tough time for Jivan and Rivana’s family. With just a month left for the big day, their children have decided to call off their wedding after a 5 year long and happy relationship. Relatives called from everywhere to offer their good wishes and support through the crucial time.

“It was all going great” recalls Rivana’s father. “They were the kind of couple that just agreed on everything. They really loved and supported each other. They also went to Maldives for their pre-wedding photoshoot where they spent some quality time together. Jivan was like a son to us. But, once they were back, he revealed his true colours. He adamantly refused to upload the pre-wedding photoshoot on Facebook. Rivana tried to reason with him. She even begged and pleaded but, he just refused to co-operate.”

Fighting still on
The only photo that Jivan uploaded on FB

He went on to share his story on how they spent a large amount of time and money to get the photoshoot done right. They even got the ‘Angel found her Demon’ themed designer dresses better than any of the ones used for their relatives’ children’s wedding shoots. Rivana and Jivana in fact, practised really hard to get the candid poses right. But, Jivan’s actions just put all their efforts down the drain. “Rivana is heartbroken. She has deactivated her Facebook account and isn’t even following her diet. She had just managed to knock off 5 kgs,” sighs Rivana’s mother.

Jivan’s family on the other hand is quite upset with their inlaws actions. Jivan’s mother quips “Do they really think that we did not want to put the pre-wedding shoot on Facebook as well? Jivan is our only son. We had big dreams for his wedding too. His father and I have a total of 4000 friends on Facebook. But, if Jivan took such a big decsion, there must have been an important reason behind this. They acted immaturely and just called it off. They should have spoken to us and tried to convince him to atleast put up the pictures. But, they just directly updated their status on FB.”

But, why did Jivan do such an insensitive thing? Amidst all the chaos, we had a rare chance to speak to the sombre groom himself. “I just didn’t want Rivana and myself to be publicly humiliated. Our best friends just posted their pre-wedding video and received 25,000 likes. Jivana and me together don’t even have 15,000 friends on Facebook. We could never catch up with them, inspite of splurging more and being a better looking couple.  I was just trying to protect her pride and integrity. I didn’t want her to feel depressed just a month before her wedding. She totally misunderstood me.” He is leaving for his best friend’s Bachelor party to Vegas tonight. “Maybe that will help take my mind off things.”

Meanwhile, we couldn’t get in touch with Rivana. Her Facebook updates show she is on a trip to Prague to cope with this difficult phase in her life and consider her life’s decisions.