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'Shit for a cause' campaign goes viral

01, Sep 2014 By rikshawala

Mumbai. The shit for a cause: campaign against Coeliac disease campaign has gone viral over the past few hours after the Bollywood celebrity Fartina Faif posted pics of her healthy shit on her Twitter account.

Guys, this is outdated fashion.

In this campaign, people take a shit, post the picture of it on Facebook and tag their friends to do the same. The campaign was started by Fartville, an NGO based in Andheri, Mumbai for spreading awareness of the Coeliac disease. Coeliac disease is a genetically predisposed disease caused when our immune system reacts with our own small-bowel tissue. The disease is caused as a reaction to wheat proteins.

The public are catching up very fast, posting pictures on their Twitter and Facebook accounts. We mostly received positive feedback. One activist says, “Shitting is quite a bit of fun when you you do it for a good cause”. Another one says that tagging family members makes him feel a little awkward, but he would do it anyway because he finds the cause worth it.

Meanwhile, Micromax mobile’s publicity wing in India posted a screenshot of ‘shit that happens only with micromax’ and nominated Samsung galaxy s5 for the challenge. Fakingnews’ sources in Mumbai say that there is a ongoing plan for launching a social shitting event, the details of which are yet to be known.

The secretary of the NGO said in an interview, “Our original idea was to have a shit-bucket challenge, which is to fill a bucket with your shit and post the picture on facebook. But, considering the shortage of buckets in the Indian market because too many were damaged during the ice-bucket challenge, we relaxed the bucket part. So far, we have raised 2.3 crores of rupees from this campaign, – of which 0.3 crores will be used for procuring medicine and 2 crores to further promote our campaign in the TV.  But, don’t forget that this campaign is more about spreading awareness than raising funds.”

TamilNadu CM’s ex-husband’s sister’s daughter’s boyfriend’s aunt Kalaignamma Ms. Dayakarunamaya Lalitha sparked a controversy when she publicly claimed that wheat is the source cause of such diseases and hence not a healthy diet. Many other politicians from the south demanded that wheat and all wheat products be banned. People all over Andhra Pradesh, TamilNadu and Karnataka are rushing to have the last taste of wheat and wheat prices soared up steeply.

What good will come out of it in the end – we will only have to wait and see.