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School boy goes into depression after nobody replies with a smiley for his joke on WhatsApp

26, Feb 2014 By workaholicvarun

Bholu was a happy go lucky school boy who was instructed by all his elders, even his far-off relatives, not to give priority to social media. He grew up with gyan that if he indulges in Facebook, he is committing a sin. If he focuses on his studies instead, he could grow up one day to become the owner of such big social media companies. So what made him change his opinion about indulging in social media, about going ahead and committing the sin ? Read on:


Call it the social media buzz or general hype in the orange newspapers (financial news); Bholu, a social media introvert thought he was being left out from the activity on social media! He never had a Facebook account since 2004, nor did he share his Facebook look-back video in 2014. However when all major newspapers and news websites highlighted the $ 19 Bn deal that Facebook offered to acquire Whatsapp, it made a life changing impact on Bholu.

Our special Social-media-holic reporter Ms. Samaj Sevika (SS) took upon her to unravel this case. She visited Bholu’s school and met his scarce friends. One of them, who did not want to reveal his name but was ok with FakingNews calling him the ‘Mystery Man’ (MM), told SS the full story.

SS: So tell us Mystery Man, what brought this change in Bholu?

MM : Bholu and I have been friends since grade 1. He was always into reading newspapers, winning Bournvita quiz contests and solving Rubik’s cubes. But last week he read this article on Facebook acquiring Whatsapp and he was clueless. See, for him mergers and acquisitions are not new. When BofA acquired Merrill Lynch, he gave his expert commentary on how it would be a failure. Even when Microsoft bought Nokia. However when Facebook bought Whatsapp, even the common man was talking about it but he was unaware of both Facebook or Whatsapp.

SS : Ok so what happened then?

MM : The human curiosity grew upon him, he wanted to unleash and explore Whatsapp. If he was on Facebook his cousins would find out. However if he was on Whatsapp, his cousins may not find out so soon. So he approached a popular social media freak in our classroom and requested him to send him an invite.

SS : That’s so cool.

MM : The social media freak was pretty freaked out at this request from Bholu. He had always seen Bholu but had never spoken to him. But still he amassed the courage to invite Bholu into the classroom chat on Whatsapp.

SS : So why did Bholu slip into depression then ?

MM : So Bholu suddenly felt the social media rush inside him. He started exploring all the features. He was observing a pattern. Whenever someone sends a joke, even if its not funny, there were responses in the channel. Code words were used to express their merry, e.g. LOL, ROFL. Of course no one was rolling on the floor and laughing but still they were posting these. Bholu, googled all these codes, understood them and took them to heart. He suddenly felt the need to make his classmates laugh too. So he googled a joke and posted it on this chat.

SS : That’s hard-work, why dint he just forward someone else’s joke?

MM : That’s because the classroom chat was his first exposure to Whatsapp but that’s not important. What’s important is that no one responded to the joke that Bholu posted. He refreshed his Whatsapp screen every 5 minutes. But the classroom channel drifted off to another topic. I was his only friend in the channel but I was too scared to reply, because it was a geeky joke and no one else understood the joke. I didn’t want to project myself as a geek even on Whatsapp. I already am a geek in the classroom and that’s why everyone hate me socially.

SS: So that’s what pushed Bholu into depression.

MM : Yes, I hope he finds a sillier joke that aam admi understands and then he will get the response. Till then he may  not come out of his cocoon in his bedroom. News is that he is not even speaking to his pet dog !!

— Workaholicvarun.