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Sarahah to reveal all names coming Sunday

17, Aug 2017 By nitishrs

The makers of Sarahah app officially registered their names as the biggest trolls of this century. The announcement says that all names of senders of anonymous messages will be revealed on 20th August. There is a wave of shock and disbelief in the teens, youth as well as 30 something old people fishing for comments “Rahul Baba Youth” who all now await the impending disaster.

Some single men are happy with this news though. They said that finally they will meet their secret admirers Angel Priya & 46 others.

“Mischievous folks” behind all this?

Trying to support #NotInMyName ?
Trying to support #NotInMyName ?

To save themselves from embarrassment people are resorting to posting on their social media accounts that some “mischievous folks” had hacked their accounts recently. Politician Sania NC was the first to make such an announcement on her twitter handle.

This disaster comes at the wake of last week’s identity leak after a complain by some politicians, who had received blank messages. While the opposition party complained to the app makers of malice, many claimed that the the ruling party paid the app makers to reveal the ex-pm as a sender of these blank messages.

A call for Swadesi Movement 

Yoga baba, in a message to our correspondent, said “This is what happens when you use a foreign app. The secrets of the country will be out in the open now. The Pakistanis may use this against our country by using the database to improve their english vocabulary.”

A new Swadesi Sarahah app called “Arara”, coined by Kyunki fame manusmriti, is being developed in which only Adhaar holders will be allowed.

Our team kept wondering if the cows of Haryana, who also hold an Adhaar card, can use the Swadesi app.

That is all from our newsroom. We will leave you with other comments which are coming in every minute. Take care! Jogira Sararah!

“This leak leak will happen only because Arvind has lost his way.” – Anna.

“Need a video proof of people typing the message to believe it.” – UP Govt.

“No marathi manus involved in this stupid app.” – Thakray

“Flagrant  exhibition of the decrepit deposition of Digital India assertions” – Tharoor

“If women want to anonymously message men they should as well do it naked.” – Khattar.

“Nitiswa bewafa hai.” – Lalu.