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Ringtone raged bride to mock groom

18, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: If a girl begins a new life after the marriage, the boy attains fresh responsibilities in the life. The bride cries prior to the farewell from her parents’ home which remains a touching moment. All the nuptial joys abruptly take a sudden emotional turn within sombre ambience. The groom’s relatives also feel this emotive pain and throbbing of the bridal family members. But whatever may occur in the tense edgy moment, the ornamented bride parts amid sustained sobbing, crying and weeping.

For the slight extent of such moving moments, if something pleasant or annoying takes places, it gives a very bad impression to even the guests present on the auspicious occasion. The flower-decked car standing at the gate carries away the adorned bride. First, the bride steps into the waiting vehicle and the groom adjust himself on the rear seat afterwards. He knows where to sit exactly.

Traditionally the marriage ceremonies conclude with the bride’s parting as the sherwani-clad groom eagerly takes her to the new abode. Since this final rite was taking place, the groom’s branded mobile suddenly started ringing uninterruptedly. It was a very delicate moment but the sensible bride did not like it. She out of rage slapped the groom instantly. Stunned with this abnormal situation, everyone looked anxious to see this impertinence. It was somehow revealed that the mobile’s ringtone of probably Haqiqat song, “Zindagi Maut Na Ban Jaye Sambhalo Yaron, Kho Reha Chain-o-Aman” caused the newly-wed bride react roughly. The bridal convulsive spank was a warning for the groom’s family to remain prepared for the worst ensuing consequences. This was closely what the ringtone song also hinted which the convent educated bride perceived instantaneously. The youthful bride’s cry at the time of the farewell positively brings the groom’s cry. Is not it so virtually?