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Research shows men acting as feminists online get more girls than general population

07, Nov 2014 By superchuza

New Delhi: A group of online researcher have conducted a study and proved that men posing as Feminists get more online girl-friends as compared to their logical counterparts.

The research was set to be carried out on various platforms but social media was given preference as the researchers had no funds. Also researching online is proved to be more convenient as it grants easier access to lame people than the world outside. The team of researchers comprised of 50 men aged between 10-30, who were divided into Group A and Group B. Where Group A was asked to post only Feminist comments (related/unrelated) on random Facebook posts, and the Group B was asked to be reasonable and logical in their comments, and stick to the topic.

Some of those feminist men who got girlfriends.
Some of those feminist men who got girlfriends.

The Team-leader Mr. Ashant Swapnadoshi told us that he was overwhelmed by the response both the teams got. Lots of Females were found to be liking and replying to the feminist comments of Group A, devoid of the fact that the comments made no sense. Where as the comments from Group B was struggling for its existence. Further when team members from both the groups were further asked to send private messages to the female commenters, Group A emerged as a clear winner having positive reply rate of 100%. Where as the members of Group B got few replies, mostly applauding their mothers and sisters and asking the group member to die. This also caused despair among the members of Group B.

Mr. Anuj Lodha, a member of Group A  says that the days he spent doing this research were the best days of his life, he never had any female friend in his life and now he is short of finger to count them.

Head of the Project Mrs. Babla Garbhavarty reveals that the idea of conducting this research struck her when she overheard one of her male student talking to his friend how many men cover themselves as Feminist and go on an online rampage posting feminist comments on random topics, posts and comments to gather female attention, and to befriend them later. This created an avalanche of thoughts and concern in mind of Mrs. Babla regarding prevailing pseudo-feminism among society, both in men and women.

On the other hand Chairperson of a Feminist NGO ‘Forever Virgin’, Ms. Koina Khoda panned the research, and said that it is a clear case of Premature Evaluation. She added that the women of are not that dumb to fall in such traps, and All men are Dogs.

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