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Regular reader of FN starts to believe everything

17, Oct 2012 By rupeshsaini

Recently police in Agra came across a person who they think believes everything that is written in media. The issue came to light when they caught the man digging a big hole in the ground.

When they interrogated him, they found out he had read somewhere that the earth is going to turn upside down in two days time. He mentioned he got into this habit after being a regular reader of FN, a popular website where mediocre writers churn out crap.

The police is starting to suspect his mental capabilities as he also mentioned that Arnab Goswami visited him in his dreams and wanted to hear his story. The police knows this is not true as Goswami never listens to anyone but calls for a discussion and talks 96% if the time.

In his statement, he mentioned he had initially believed Arvind Kejriwal that  Salman Kurshid is a cheat but when he was coaxed by Louise Kurshid he changed his mind. After doing some more investigation with his family, the police came to know of rather startling facts. His wife mentioned that he has dug up the floor of the entire house because he believed Robert Vadra about being Mango people. But he was not able find a single mango.

Last heard, he still thinks Gadkari is a member of BJP!

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