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Railway launching new website for booking Tatkal tickets

22, Feb 2013 By smartovi

New Delhi. Indian Railway ministers Mr. Trivedi presents Railway Budget 2013-14 in parliament. They come in parliament with a single page in hand which contains the detail of rail budget which they present.

The member of opposition are very happy because after the long winter break they meet each other and they start discussing how to disrupt the speech of railway minister by making noise and throwing paper on him. Before the make plan or start making noise throwing paper ball, bottles, etc. the budget session end and parliament is adjourned by the speaker for unlimited time limit period.

The railway minister in his budget presentation said the Indian railway is launching new website for booking onlineTatkal Tickets and it is faster than 5G which is not yet launch, the website for booking Tatkal ticket is make by IIPM student and by launching this site railway profit increase by 15.7% instantly.

The name of the site is in short RGTTBY.COM after that they tear paper into pieces and blown in the air and the railway budget session over.

The people who are watching railway budget surprise and shocked badly because they are hopping only for new trains but rail budget gives more than that. They are so much happy that they start dancing, giving sweets to each other and burning crackers. One of the spokesperson of railway tells to Faking News that the pages of rail budget is misplaced in Jan-pat by a young kid who is checking the railway budget for final touch.

The opposition said that it is election stunt by the government for getting vote in 2014 election and they want credits because we demand for the new website for Tatkal booking but PMO condemned that on twitter. Didi said they can present the budget much better than this and Bhenji Demand for 50% reservation in reservation of Tatkal Tickets.