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Quitting Facebook, WhatsApp can land you in mental hospital

23, May 2014 By Siddharth Patki

Pune: Ram Shankar, just another IT guy with negligible likes on Facebook and been ignored on WhatsApp by men as well, finally in frustration decided to quit social media and live a quiet life in search of truth & wisdom, which rather turned out to be a utter disaster for him.

Facebook likes
Regular dose of happiness.

When Faking News questioned his colleague Rahul, he replied, “After going offline, Ram went very silent for first 7-10 days; he was like a zombie, just working, no talking, no trying to please anyone. Earlier, we didn’t notice as he was very invisible kind of guy, then gradually after 10 -12 days, he became active and looked indeed happy. We questioned him, why is he so happy, in fact ecstatic 24 X 7 and he always replied ‘How beautiful the world is’ and he actually LIKE’s world and the nature is always online (No last seen controversy) & always there for him.”

Another colleague Nisha added wryly, “He used to check me out literary daily but never spoke, but since his Offline mode, he exchanged daily greeting confidently and stopped looking at me even when I was in my best looks, something is definitely wrong with that Guy.”

“Yes, she is right,” added their HR Mr. Khurana, “I mean, who can be so happy for no apparent reason (I don’t believe this ‘world is beautiful’ Shit), even on my honeymoon, I was happy for max 5 days out of 10 that too when I was online. All i mean is that something is wrong when someone’s happy all the time.”

After 21 days of happiness, finally when his friends, family and colleagues concern reached their limits and they tricked Ram into the counseling with top notch psychiatric Jo Jo Quin.

Psychiatrist Jo Jo Quin, came up with evaluation that Ram is unwell, infact he’s suffering from happiness syndrome or in technical term it called as “Angelman syndrome” which needs immediate attention. As a result, Mr. Ram is now under treatment in a Desi psychiatric ward, all because he quit social media. Jo Jo advised today’s youth to stay on social media (though ignored) to remain sane.

Also, he urged, especially to girls, not even think about quitting social media, as even thinking might lead to suicidal tendency.

Stay online, stay sane!