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Queen launches a new mobile game ‘Park Crush Saga’

27, Apr 2015 By RT

Toronto. Queen Digital Entertainment, a Canadian serious-social games company today has announced launch of their new mobile game ‘Park Crush Saga’. The new game to be available for all platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone, the company press release announced.

“The new game ‘Park Crush Saga’ is a revolutionary serious social game, encouraging children of all ages to learn the concept of a park, idea of playing together and the notion of physical exercise. We vehemently oppose any other sagas of crushing candies or whatever to have pointless fun for hours together”, the spokesperson from Queen Digital told Faking News, with a hint of anger.

A snapshot of attractive Park Cursh Saga Game
A snapshot of attractive Park Crush Saga Game

“With the advent of mobile games, almost the entire world has now bent down to look at small imagery day-in and night-out. The only physical exercise, if any, is limited to eyeballs, eyelids and chosen fingers. We have looked at the disorder with serious social connotation and are proud to launch the serious-social game – ‘Park Crush Saga’.

This Crush is totally different from any other crush that the world might know. The meaning itself is different. This crush is ‘a burning desire to be with someone who you find very attractive’. In the game, it is a park. The park(s) in the game are so attractively presented to satiate visual appealing desires of mobile game users.

Whoever plays the game, will get introduced to parks in the neighborhood. That is right. The game will automatically load the scenery of the neighborhood park with the help of GPRS. The user then can make a choice whether to continue the game in the mobile (or) actually go to the park to play. Also, the game has the facility to invite friends to the park”, the spokesperson was beaming with every word that he spoke of this revolutionary game.

When Faking News asked the obvious question, “let me understand this! You built some game which will take users out of mobile usage, your main business, and drive them to neighborhood parks to play?”, the Queen’s man was unmoved.

“I know what you mean. We got to do something as a serious-social games company and ‘Park Crush Saga’ was an instant hit even during the prototype days. Guess what? Out of a 1000 die-hard mobile game players who played the game during pilot, only 2 of them actually visited a neighborhood park after completing all the levels. Also, it was later found that, for one guy, the park just happened to be on the way to his home”, the spokesperson from Queen Digital winked at the Faking News correspondent, prior to get himself immersed with ‘Park Crush Saga’.