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Pune techie arrested for not posting a Facebook status about Sachin Tendulkar; Shiv Sena vandalizes his father's shop

18, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Pune. Amid all the furore about Sachin Tendulkar’s retirement from International Cricket , with all facebook, Twitter and Orkut Google+ users flooding social networking sites and expressing their grief about his retirement, a software engineer, Amit Karare, was arrested by Pune police for not posting a facebook status about Sachin.

Sachin Tendulkar himself disapproved of the Maharashtra Police and Shiv Sena's actions
Sachin Tendulkar himself disapproved of the Maharashtra Police and Shiv Sena’s actions

“I had a hard day at work, as it is with every engineer working in software industry. I came back home at 12’o clock midnight and with all my frustration over my manager’s banter at me, I posted a facebook status “Life is a bitch!!”. “I woke up when the doorbell rang only to find out that i was being arrested and charged for an act of blasphemy. My colleague and teammate, Amar Matlabe, working under the same manager was also arrested later for liking my status”, he told Faking news correspondent.

“Police arrested both under section 505(2) (statements creating or promoting enmity, hatred or ill-will between classes). Today, they were granted bail,” their advocate Sudeep Gupta said.

After the facebook status was posted, 50 Shiv Sainiks vandalized Amit’s father’s shop in Baner destroying a great deal of property.

“Filing a case against the boys is unfortunate and I hope Maharashtra government will correct it,” Congress spokesperson Sandeep Dikshit said in Delhi. He, however, said a facebook status a couple of days later could have been alright since it was a “sensitive time” on the day of Sachin’s retirement.

The god himself, Sachin Tendulkar, criticized the actions of Maharashtra Police and Shiv Sena’s actions saying “This is sad state of affairs. A violation of freedom of expression has been made and strict action should be taken against Shiv Sainiks who were involved. A Gundaraaj should not be tolerated. Also, involved police officers should also be suspended from service for life like S. Sreesanth banned from Cricket. They are simply traitors of the nation”.

A similar incident took place in Mumbai last year in November when a girl was arrested because she had posted a facebook comment about Mumbai shutdown because of Bal Thackrey’s funeral procession.