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Public decides NOT to update 'Awesome Mausam' on social media to support Mausam-Neutrality

14, Apr 2015 By sameer mahawar

Mumbai/ Pune/ Bengaluru: After the successful attempt to save many of the websites and applications from discrimination over the internet, Netizens have started another campaign named as #MausamNeutrality which attempts to save different types of weather from getting discriminated on the grounds of love and hatred.

From the last two days weather is very pleasant and has given people relief from hot conditions. But to our surprise, status updates and tweets like “Awesome Mausam” and ” Wow…it’s raining ” were not found on social media. The reason for this was that people have come together yet another time to oppose biasness.

“Don’t Publish the Awesome Mausam updates” organisation is receiving 15000 e-mails in an hour supporting the #MausamNeutrality

Our reporter tried to take inputs from Bijli Rani, who has Facebook and twitter update for every occasion, that how she could control the temptation by not updating regarding the beautiful weather outside. “Each weather should be treated equally whether it is summer , winter or rainy season. We shouldn’t be inclined towards one weather that we love very much as it will be impartial to the other mausams” said Bijli Rani sparkling with her makeup. She had 120 likes and 69 retweets when she last updated “Wow…what a romantic weather it is” on Facebook and twitter respectively.

Supporting this campaign, Suchetan Faggot tweeted,”When there is scrotching heat and extreme cold, you don’t update any favorable status supporting it, so why to update ‘Awesome Mausam’ on occasion of mild and gentle weather”. This was not for the first time that we could get something sensible coming out of the mind of author of soft-core love stories. An Umbrella selling online company “Umbrella Cart” earlier supported the rainy season because it is their lifeline, but later on apologized for it when faced heavy criticism and dislikes from public as well as paid-media. People reminded “Umbrella Cart” that summer season also provides them with business when people, in order to save their overprotective skin from YuVi rays of sun, use its companies lone product.

Unaware about #MausamNeutrality, Mark Luxembourg was also confused when he didn’t find any of the awesome mausam updates on Facebook and has hired two engineers  from IIN offering them packages worth than entire economy of Pakistan to find the bed-bug which is preventing users to update these kind of feelings.