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People's reactions after "Free WiFi promise" by Railway Minister

26, Feb 2013 By Anil Sharma

Today, our Railway Minister Mr. Pawan Bansal presented the Rail Budget in the Parliament. As expected he made a lot of promises to improve the facilities in the trains. “Free WiFi” was one of the highlights of the budget which will be available in few special trains soon according to the Railway Minister.

Our reporter talked to people about it and managed to get some reactions of the common man.

Here is what people think will happen if there will be Free WiFi available on trains:

“Free WiFi is nice but I would have appreciated “Water in the train toilets” more,” said a regular train traveler.

“Lots of smart-phones to be found on railway tracks,” Mahesh, who lives nearby a railway tracks said cheerfully.

“Third world war will be fought over nothing but mobile charging points on trains,” an android user stated.

“The most overused phrase/line in trains will be; Dhat bhencho, network fir chala gaya,” a student from Haryana told FN.

“We can now try (unsuccessfully) to book Tatkal tickets while travelling in a train itself, wow!” an optimistic middle-aged man said.

“I don’t know, but will it work on trains’ roof too?” asked Lallu Yadav.

“WiFi is alright but shouldn’t we think about SAFAI first?” a girl asked.

“Nice! Now we can order our food online and avoid train food,” a woman from Rajasthan said.

“WTF! Now those twitter celebs will live tweet about their journey too!” A young student said angrily.

“So people will travel in trains for the same reason they go to Mc-Donald, to get diarrhea and for free WiFi!” Another student chuckled.