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Oxford includes the word “Bhasad” in its dictionary after Lalit Modi's tweets

07, Jul 2015 By Kesaria Vilayati

New Delhi: Caught by the “bhasad” generated by the tweets of former IPL commissioner Lalit Modi, Oxford English Dictionary (OED) has decided to include this word in its dictionary. In a press release, Oxford said that since the usage of this word was so high, especially after Lalit Modi started his outburst on Twitter, we decided to include this word in the dictionary.

Lalit Modi thinking if he has achieved what he aimed for

However, there was another controversy when Lalit Modi revealed few facts. In a series of tweets, he said that Oxford took this step after he met the Chairman of Oxford in an Indian restaurant.

As per him, “The Chairman accidentally hit the waiter and spilled raita from his plate but, in turn, started shouting on the waiter. That’s when I stood up from my table and shouted ‘Kya raita faila raha hai be?’ Stunned by my aggression, the Chairman apologized and asked what he can do to correct his mistake.”

Modi continued, “That’s when I told him, ‘Chal be, apna raasta naap. Main twitter pe bhasad machane jaa raha hun’”. The Chairman knew the buzz created by Modi through his tweets, but was baffled by this word “Bhasad”.

That’s when the waiter who was cleaning the raita-stained floor came to the Chairman and defined Bhasad, which was ‘when people have nothing to do and are doing bakchodi simultaneously, the environment is referred to as bhasad’. The Chairman was struck and immediately decided to include this word in the dictionary.

The decision was also taken after spokespersons of all political parties started using this word after every tweet from Lalit Modi. From Sambit Patra to Ajoy Kumar, everybody used this statement for LaMo’s tweets – “Abe teri, fir se nai bhasad

The move by OED has got a lot of appreciation from Indians, in India as well as worldwide. The social was flooded with comments, both good and pompous. A sober girl mentioned, “We are so touched by OED’s gesture. Choo chwweeettt.” while a guy nick named Bhasad Uddin mentioned “This is the first step. We will conquer Oxford with Indian bhasad.

All we can say is that now we might the following headlines in The Telegraph tomorrow – “Queen Elizabeth to Britons – Make love, not Bhasad”