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Now App to check Section 66A violations

29, Nov 2012 By nalayakpatrakar

Developers have announced to launch an App to check violations under IT Law’s Section 66A. The application will check your Tweet or Facebook post for any violations under Indian IT Law Section 66A and warn user before it is posted.

The application will be Free for android users. However, iPhone users will have to pay for it (as they always do). The application will be available only for Twitter and Facebook, as nobody cares what is being posted on Google+.

“The idea came to our minds after a Twitter user was arrested for his tweet against Chidambaram’s son.” A young programmer said.

The developers were worried about the application’s success, but were relieved after recent arrests of Facebook users. “Now that people can be arrested for any funny post, this App will be a grand success,” the Project Manager told Faking News.

Twitter is planning to embed this app into its site, so that separate App won’t be required. This will filter all tweets, and Twitter won’t receive any more funny threats from Government of India.

The new Aakash tablets will have this App pre-installed; god knows when people will get those.

“Let’s hope Section 66A is not amended,” the Project manager said at the end of interview.