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No relief from Candy Crush invites, man commits suicide in despair

22, Jul 2014 By batolebaaz

In a shocking incident Mr. Vicky Lol a part-time sperm donor and a comic critic, committed suicide in the early hours of 14th July, after receiving 723 notifications of Candy crush requests. Mr. Lol came into limelight last week after his famous interview with Mr. Ved Pratap Vaidik.

“One more request”

Sources told Faking news that since the interview Mr. Lol was receiving threating calls and texts and had switched off his phone to escape the nuisance. However, on turning it back on yesterday, he went into a state of hysteria after receiving 723 Facebook from candy crush Saga and shot himself.

Reportedly, Mr. LOL was suffering from Candiophobia, a mental disorder commonly found in Facebook users. Research conducted by Sri Aryabhatt Psychology Testing Institute (SAPTI) pointed out that receiving more than 40 Candy crush requests in a day can trigger the onset of Candiophobia. In this disease, people feel vibrations in the body leading to the imagination of receiving Candy Crush requests, even when they are using Instagram and Whatsapp.

Last week Mr. LOL had beaten few kids who were eating ice-candies, when they teased him about his Crush.

LOL’s family is in a state of shock and depression and has filed a PIL for criminalizing sending more than 3 Candy crush requests per day. The lawyer who himself was suffering from Candiophobia, has suggested regular criminals of this offence may be forced by the court of law to watch Sajid Khan, Prabhu Deva and Ramgopal Verma movies continuously for 2 weeks. The hearing on the case has been again postponed as the judges were busy deleting their own Candy crush requests.

Sources told Faking News that Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has also joined the protests and is planning to conduct a Dharna at Jantar Mantar. He has claimed that the request senders are being backed by Congress and Rahul Gandhi is supposedly the master mind behind the game.