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No need for marriage certificates, Government to accept Facebook cover pictures as proof of marriage

05, May 2015 By sunnyyy

New Delhi: Delhi State Government has decided to do away with marriage certificate and instead it has started to accept Facebook cover pictures and profile pictures as proof of marriages.

Seeing the latest trend of couples uploading every picture of their wedding ranging from the selfies with the pundits, Nagin dance with their friends to feeding each other stale chapattis and shahi paneer at 3 in the morning, the Arvind Kejriwal led Wi-Fi loving Government of Delhi decided to come up with such a law.

Wedding photo
Even such a picture will be acceptable as proof

“This is the most progressive step ever since the forced voluntary retirements of Yogender Yadav and Prashant Bhushan. My elder brother spent Rs. 20000 in his marriage and Rs 10000 on his marriage certificate. I am getting married next month so I was thinking of a court marriage to avoid the expenses of marriage certificate and now, thanks to Kejriwal, we will have a lavish destination wedding in Ghaziabad,” a jubilant techie named Yadav Chadha told Faking News as he showed his engagement pictures to our reporter.

He further said, “I am just waiting for the promised hi speed Wi-Fi connectivity of 112 kbps by the Lord Kejriwal so that we won’t face any problems in uploading the pictures on Facebook.”

When Faking News asked the spokespersons of AAP about the couples who don’t have smart phones, Ashutosh furiously said, “Yes, It is Kejriwal’s fault, he should give subsidy on smart phones as well or he should go to their wedding using the Uber coupons in his half sleeves check shirt and take the pictures from his Nokia 1100 himself.”

He started crying and sobbing afterwards.

Dr. Vishwas said in his own inimitable style:

“Koi Deewana kehta hai, Koi Paagal samajhta hai, Yehi Delhi ka free Wi-Fi hai, jisse groom, bride ki pic upload karta hai, Mein tujhse dur kaisa hu, tu mujhse dur kaisi hai, Ye low bandwidth ka problem hai, jo sirf Arvind samajhta hai.”

According to our classified sources in the Delhi secretariat, after the implementation of this unique law, Government will do away with birth certificate and instead will verify the date of birth provided on Facebook profiles.