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"No DP and status on Whatsapp implies acute depression": Researchers at Yale school of Medicine

20, May 2016 By bumbegum

In a breakthrough research of psychology and behavioural science, researchers at Yale school of Medicine, have come to the conclusion that the users who remove their display picture and status on Whatsapp are suffering from acute depression.

Whatsapp to help cure depression
Whatsapp to help cure depression

Mr. Tim, head of the department of psychology said, “We’ve been working on this model for quite some time now. My team of extremely talented scientists have toiled hard for this project. This breakthrough study can help a lot to deal with depression and tackle it with a new approach from now on. It is a beginning of a new era all together!” Talking to one of the researchers, John, he told us,”The people suffering from depression tend to give subtle signs and symptoms. In this world where everyone is connected with everyone, these subtle hints are all around us but we fail to notice them. Removal of display picture from Whatsapp is a one of the strongest symptoms and must be taken seriously by people from now on.”

John further told us that in a world where people are extraordinarily social, an extra step taken to be anti social is a sure shot symbol of depression. He further added that in most of the cases help does not reaches the victim because people around the victim don’t release the existence of this disease. With this study, reaching out to people suffering from depression will be easier and science will be able to save more lives.

Many young people have come forward to share this study as they feel extremely connected to it. This research has become an internet sensation soon after its release and already people have been disclosing names of their friends who frequently remove their DPs on Whatsapp and are asking for medical help for them. Many psychiatrists have come forward in support of the research paper.