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No breakups from new year's eve to valentine's day

27, Dec 2013 By Soumya Rao

Mumbai : A recent Facebook status update by Dolly Singh, a final year student of Fashion Merchandising, GirlzRulz Institute of Fashion has left the entire youngster community shocked and happy at the same time.

Friends of Dolly and Suhas
Friends of Dolly and Suhas.

Dolly’s statement Facebook status update –“ I will not leave Suhas this year” has gone viral over the past few days. Dolly made it clear to her boyfriend prospects that she will not leave her boyfriend before 14th Feb 2014.

When our faking news reporter interviewed Dolly we found out that Dolly was very stressed over the past few days that she will have to ditch Suhas and find a new boyfriend before New Year’s Eve as this was a college trend with girls.

Her college seniors were constantly pressurizing her to come up with more Facebook photo updates of the gifts that Suhas was giving her and the dates they were going to.

After failing to post pictures on a daily basis,she lost hope and wanted to un-boyfriend Suhas. But she spoke about this pressure to a random person on Omegle chat and decide no to fall prey to the trap.

She says – “it’s very difficult to find a new boyfriend in such a short time period and moreover I don’t know if I will get a superb Valentines Day gift also. So all the time I spent this year on grooming and buying new clothes online will go waste therefore I will give Suhas one chance.”

Dolly’s friends are very happy with this announcement they added- “it’s a radical step she has taken, not switching boyfriends before New Years is against the tradition but she has shown us that nothing is impossible”.

Girls now feel overpowered and want to give a chance to their respective boyfriends before New Years as boys try to take such life events not so seriously.

We contacted Suhas who is a final year engineering student for his reaction to Dolly’s announcement –“ I am extremely happy and tensed. I feel relieved that I have some more time with my girlfriend but I am under huge pressure to perform on Valentines Day, but its ok! I can concentrate to slaughter more people in Battlefield 4 which looks awesome on my PS4 and plan strategically for New years Party and 14th Feb,” he subtly challenged his competitors who are trying to win Dolly over.

Suhas’s friends are very happy for him.They feel that Dolly has raised their hopes up too. But they have warned Suhas that it will be very difficult to match upto her expectations as the bar is set really high now. They have also found guidebooks, coaching classes and study material Suhas can go through to crack the CAT dating affair. They thank Dolly for giving the confidence to reach out to their respective girlfriends to not to break up with them before New Years.