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Next generation IRCTC ticketing system alert/info messages

11, Jul 2014 By retributionxd

The next generation IRCTC E-Ticketing System is here and, boy oh boy, does it look great or what!!!

Apparently designed by a team which believes in the “old is gold” philosophy when it comes to design, this portal  with its uber cool marquees has received the nod of approval from many 40-year-olds who believe that this is an attempt at nostalgia

What particularly caught the attention of the reporter was the fact that IRCTC paid a lot of attention to the prompts which usually appear on a website of this nature. The plan to include ad banners as part of the alert prompts and loading indicators was termed an act of pure genius by  a veteran IRCTC patron who had grown up watching the same.

Here are some next generation IRCTC ticketing system alert/info messages  which caught the attention of yet another  curious patron:

i) Stop looking at the loading indicator, don’t you have anything better to do? ii) Thank you for booking a ticket at IRCTC, a wise man once said “patience rewards the dedicated.” iii) Staring at the computer screen for 10 minutes or more can probably trigger an epileptic attack iv) Would you like to book a ticket right away? If so, please understand that you can’t…hohoho we are funny aren’t we? ^_^

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