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Networking company ‘Phiz-Book’ is about to be ruined by organisms bearing same set of chromosomes: Research

10, Nov 2014 By ajeeb

California: If a research published in the leading peer reviewed journal sci-fience is to be believed, internet biased based networking company “Phiz-Book” has got all possible chances of a collapse due to a certain set of users, classified as, humans, those of them blessed with the same set of chromosomes by nature God. The researchers believe that this can be a one of the major corporate collapse that any company has ever faced.

One of the biggest competitor of Phiz-Book.
One of the biggest competitor of Phiz-Book.

The team behind this elegant piece of research includes eminent biologists, sociologists and psychologists, from 36 countries.

“We commenced this study with a hunch, researching on this topic, say, a decade ago when Phiz-Book was launched. Later on when our results started proving our predictions, we carried on with an enormous amount of enthusiasm, that resulted in this conclusion,” Prof. Hunchry Dumbry, the team leader, said in his office, where a photograph of Kate Winslet hung on the wall.

“It is an undeniable fact that same set of chromosomes are necessary for evolution, but it has got its own consequences, the corporate sector has got lesser knowledge of biosociopsychology, an area whose facts could have saved this company, but now it is too late,” he added.

“Everything is coded in our genes, sometimes the way we encode it, differs, but it’s a constrain for certain set of living entities to express their genomic expressions in a healthier or say, discerning manner.This networking company was built in order for people to create a balance between their cultures, share ideas and to make connections with people living in distant regions, but, these organisms have altered the motive of this noble idea by turning it to a photostudio picturing industry. It might so happen that this company will move a little bit further, but in the long run it has to degrade,” Dr. Franwatcrik said, with a model of DNA in his hand.

“The need of some attention to sustain our identity is an obvious parameter, for most of us, but when this demand of attention goes way beyond natural norms, it results in illogicity. Also, ‘anything for free is worth trying’, this thinking also stigmatizes the mental health of certain organisms.” Told Dr. Figmund Sreud, a leading researcher in psychology.

Meanwhile, there are rumors coming that to avoid this and also this sort of accidents, social networking companies are planning to convert their freebie policy to pay and use.