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Murder attempt on boyfriend when he refused to keep his girlfriend's name as his Facebook password

09, Jul 2014 By harshita

Mumbai. Rajneesh Verma (25) and Harshita Kumbhar (20), two love birds fell out of it when on Thursday, Rajneesh opened a new Facebook account and kept his password as “chickenchilly.”

Harshita was absolutely unaware of this disaster. After being aware of it, she rushed to his house “without” any make up and banged his door. Rajneesh refused to let her in for he thought of her as some beggar. She explained that it was just her without any make up. He then allowed her in.


Rajneesh, in all shock, asked her to explain the emergency of such a situation where she didn’t even wear her make up. A furious Harshita asked him his Facebook password and he nonchalantly gave it to her. She then questioned him as to why it was chickenchilly and not her name. He answered it was so because chicken chilly was his favorite. She asked him to change it to her name for which he refused.

A fuming Harshita raged and attacked the helpless Rajneesh to kill him. It was similar to the scene of Ek Villain where Reitesh Deshmukh tried to kill Shraddha Kapoor. Police was already at the plot and as soon as they heard a helpless Rajneesh’s scream, they barged in and took control. Injured Rajneesh was immediately rushed to the hospital and Harshita was taken under custody.

Neighbours say that they had heard Harshita scream,”I’ll kill you!” but they thought they were having sex. Rajneesh after coming back to senses explained that he had called the police as a backup. The reasons being she didn’t call him to pick her up. She also stated she’d be there in five minutes and she was actually there in five. Lastly, when she came without wearing her make up.

The outraged Harshita has been imprisoned at Tihar jail and Rajneesh has gotten back to Facebook with a vegetarian password. This incident had left him heartbroken and he entered the state of eating chocolates.

His psychiatrist has helped him a lot to come out of it. He is now vegetarian and his favorite is bhindi. Sources have also found that he and his psychiatrist are now “close friends.”

Hearing this news, Harshita escaped from prision. Mumbai Police is still busy having their cutting chai. Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg has promised full financial support to the victim.

Boyfriends across the cities have changed their passwords to their girlfriend’s name. RaGa says he will be single forever. NaMo tells his ministers to become bramhachari.

The question arises will they fall in love again? If yes, will Ravinder Singh write a book on it? Stay connected to know more.