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Mother gets offended as daughter fails to upload their joint pic on Facebook during Mother's day

10, May 2015 By Shashi Mukherjee

Mumbai : Terror struck the Biz family when Mrs. Show Biz came to find out that her daughter Glow Biz hadn’t uploaded a highly edited joint picture of mother-daughter on Facebook during this Mother’s Day noon.

The former’s anger doubled on seeing that Glow Biz had still not even changed her whatsapp dp and status from a ‘5 hours of selfie-shoot product’ pic and ‘I m sexy n I know it’ respectively. On being interrogated, Show’s husband Mr. True Biz told us that Show had been surfing through her Facebook account during the day when she came across posts of dozens of girls posing with their moms enclosed with love-filled captions written once in a year.

Happy Mother's Day
Upload it to mean it

Reportedly, the fact that her daughter hadn’t shown her sudden extreme love made her restless. She then filed an FIR against her daughter in the Bandra Police station.

The Bandra police station then forwarded this serious case to the Sessions Court, both of which having become very highly active with the ‘Bhai’ effect, did the hearing within 2 hours of complaint registry.

In an interview, Glow Biz told us – “I was tied up in my room so as to not let me appeal to Bombay High Court for my case to be suspended. After few hours, mom arrived along with the Sessions judge and two lady constables. They made me upload exactly 5 pics of me and mom. Infact, mom sat long for an hour to carefully select the pics we had clicked in New York, Paris, Thailand, Goa and Agra from my lappy. Then the judge made me write a long status update which read as-

I m sorriee mommy fr taking so long to post this whereazz ol my frnz did it last midnight itselff 🙁 I wl neva eva..eva eva forget to shower extremely love upon eww only on Mother’s day again. I wl forward mommy-god-angel trimurti combo whatsapp messages to all my bestiessss :* i wl upload pics of keep calm coz my mom iz the best.. I LOVE YOU MOM and i will also not forget to add unnecessary exclamation marks at the end of this update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

All went well till evening when Show got angry again on seeing Glow liking an update by a boy which read as – “Girls posing with their moms today..showing us their future.. Choose wisely bro”.

Well, we hope that things get back to normal in the Biz family again. Wish you all a very Happy Mother’s Day.