Sunday, 25th February, 2018

Mobile spoils children reasonably

11, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: It is the new electronic handset in the form of the mobile raiding the immature minds of the young children every time. Every child is found using the mobile with various SIM cards. This piece of the handset is as handy as it brings on its screen every event quickly. But it is also proving to be precarious in the normal hands of the young children. There is no dearth of the people condemning its use by the inexperienced hands. In the present time, the mobile is turning out to be the biggest trouble for the younger generation. If it remains in the children’s hands they are sure to be spoiled.

It is presumed as such by the worried parents. Earlier, it was said that Kheloge Kudoge To Hogey Kharab, Padhoge Likhoge To Banoge Nawab but this past days’ presumption has been irrelevant. Mobile set in their hands makes them more informative and enlightening. At least interest in playing any sport made them physically strong but mobile is making them weaker physically. The contrast is if the mobile set gets out of order all of a sudden, it is certainly the children are made responsible for this imperfection. In case the children shirk from studies it is assumed similar thought about the mobile set.

Both are equally responsible for each other’s weakness. One has the brain to save oneself from any imperfection while another is a machine functioning on the deft human signal. It suggests showing how the human being is subservient to the machine in the computer cage. It came not at all from vague thinking but from a sensible aloofness. It was an artificial method like any other. A lot of people find it good in some ways. Its use for the children appeared natural in comparison to those available things which are not so useful.