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MBA student demands ‘Facebook Likes’ in dowry, Arrested

05, Aug 2013 By Mahapurush Mahatma

New Delhi: In a first of its kind incident, an MBA student from Indian Institute of Quality Management (IIQM) was arrested from his hostel for demanding 5000 Facebook LIKES from the bride’s family for his college’s Management Fest page.

Arindam Srivastava, a final year student at IIQM was due to marry Anushka Sinha tomorrow. But his incessant and strange dowry demands forced Anushka’s family to report him to police which arrested him under the anti-dowry act.

Our reporter, Chatur Chintu talked to the aggrieved family. “Hum bahut try kiye bhai. Par ladka maane tab toh.” Anushka’s father, Champak Sinha said with a deep heart.

Facebook like
The student’s likeline lifeline

“We tried to persuade him to settle for 10 lac cash and a four-wheeler. Itna toh Sharmaji apna IIM KojiKoda(Kozikode)  wala damaad ko bhi nahi diye the. He kept on insisting for LIKES. I am a mere government servant. Ye Facebook, Orkut nahi jaante. Apne yaha toh abhi bhi Tilkut hi khaata hai sablog.” he added.

Anushka’s younger brother, Chota Chetan was furious with Arindam: “Pencho! sala humlog ko q-tiya samjha hai kya!  5000 LIKES for his sh**ty page! Who gives a f**k to what these private MBA colleges do? I had warned didi not to marry this guy. But she was blinded by his LIKES on all her pictures. Even I had reconciled to his initial demand of 1000 LIKES. I and my half a dozen friends made hundreds of fake profiles to help him reach the target. But then, just two days before marriage, he increased his demand to 5000 likes! Even my fake girl profile has only 886 friends. Iske  jh**u fest ko 5000 LIKES kaha se deta?”

Arindam’s elder brother has requested the bride’s family to take back their complaint. “My poor bhai. It’s not his fault. After he failed to get into IIMs or IITs, he joined BeepRo call centre. He was so frustrated there, that when IIQM’s salesgirl called him up for admission, he happily obliged. He was made the Media and Communications representative at IIQM. They put him under constant pressure to get more and more LIKES for their Facebook and LinkedIn pages. They urged him to Dare to think beyond IIPM. That’s why, instead of asking for money or property, my bro asked for LIKES. If this is a crime, then every MBA student should be put behind bars for pestering their friends for filling up stupid surveys and forcing them to LIKE pages about which no one outside their colleges gives two hoots.”