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Many foreign universities on the verge of shutting down: Blame IIN for dwindling number of students

12, May 2015 By pradeepsarkkar

After decades of luring away students from India for higher studies, western universities are now facing a tough time with a huge decline in foreign students not only from India, but also neighbouring countries such as China, Bangladesh and Srilanka.

According to a global education study conducted by a leading research firm the number of Asian students joining Western Universities have sharply fallen from 90,000 last year to just 9000 this year. Out of the 90,000 students, who joined western universities last year over 60,000 were from India alone and the rest from Bangladesh and Srilanka.

It is believed that the huge fall in number of Asian students in US & UK universities is mainly attributed to the unprecedented popularity of IIN among students. This has directly impacted the revenue of foreign universities, with many of them on the verge of shutting down due lack of adequate funds.

“Foreign students, mainly from India, China and Bangladesh used to form a major chunk of our students and an important stream of our revenues till last year” said Mr. Kuch Lochaski a founding member and dean at University of Locha, located at Meryland, USA. “However ever since this IIN has come up we have lost a significant amount of revenues due to dearth of foreign students from Asia. If this trend continues we may have to wind up our university soon” stated emotionally upset Mr.Lochaski.

Meanwhile back home in India, it has been a reverse trend with not only students from India but also neighbouring countries as well as Europe & America queuing up for joining IIN. When contacted Dr.Kamdev the principal of IIN Khajurao confirmed the news and said “yes you heard it correct. Currently IIN Khajurao tops the list with most number of foreign students who have enrolled this year”.