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Man uses Snapchat to pose as father; breaks up with girlfriend

13, Jun 2017 By funkaar

25 year old Vicky is a relieved man. “Thanks to Snapchat, I was able to break up with my girlfriend finally, after 3 failed attempts”, he stated emphatically. Vicky had been trying to break up with Neetu (name changed) as she was insisting on a Arijit Singh concert while he had already bought the tickets to a Badshah concert in Gurugram.

Vicky used the beard filter on the popular messaging app to record a video posing as his father to scare away Neetu (name changed) from this relationship.

Fighting still on
Fighting still on

“The idea was suggested by my younger cousin Tony, who recorded a video message posed as his mother. He was in trouble at school as he failed and they had called his parents. Thanks to Snapchat, Tony convinced the teachers and they promoted him to the next class”, Vicky referred to his inspiration.

Vicky had previously attempted breaking up with Neetu but failed multiple times. “First time, she cried a lot when I told her I wanted to break up, and we made up again. Second time, she told me that she will change my facebook password. So I had to make up and change my password before the next attempt. Third time, I sent her a Whatsapp message but she had uninstalled and moved to Hike.”

Inspired by his cousin, Vicky recorded a video posed as his father and and sent it to Neetu from Tony’s phone. “The video was nothing serious. All I said as my father was that I had seen her with my son and liked her. Then I sang Badshah’s Breakup Song and hoped that she is excited to join our family”, he chuckled.

As Snapchat has done what no one else could do for him, Vicky has rated the app 5 stars on the App Store and sent “Join Snapchat” messages to all his contacts, including Neetu.