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Man sues online portal Myntra after his selfie fails to get double digit likes on Facebook

23, Jun 2014 By buddha1saadhu

When online fashion retail giant Myntra launched its ‘Live for Likes’ marketing campaign, little it did expect that a person would file a mental harassment suit against them.

An employee with an IT major in the country, whose name has been withheld to prevent further trauma, wanted desperately to revamp his social life after feeling almost non-existent in his company even after spending years as a system administrator in the firm. The plaintiff was inspired from the number of likes the campaign promised on myntra styled selfies which he thought far exceeded even his profile views.

depressed man
“What should I do?”

He promptly ordered the ‘pick of the week’ men’s collection, clicked a selfie and posted it on facebook. The compliant claims that he experienced extreme mental agony as the promised likes did not materialize. After hours of agonizing wait, his childhood friend liked the pic and commented “Cmon dude like my pic now”. As the likes began to trickle in, the compliant lost track of time and realized that it was office hours only when one of his colleagues commented on the photo, “Dude, Server is down”. To his astonishment, this comment got more likes in a few seconds than his own photo.

To add insult to injury , comments of “Lol” started dominating the photo. At this stage, the complaint was thoroughly devastated. The man returned the goods on myntra, manhandled the delivery man who came to collect the goods, and then sued myntra for effectively killing and burying his social life.

However myntra raised the levels of dedication when CEO Mukesh Bansal showed his brilliance and turned adversity into opportunity. He tweaked the strategy to ensure likes on his customers’ pics.

Mukesh Bansal told Faking news that every customer who makes purchases of Rs 2500 and above would get friend requests from 100 Myntra employess who are guaranteed to like their pic. Similiarly purchases of Rs 5000 and above will get 150 friend requests from Myntra employees and also personalized comments which customers can feed in during the time of purchase. Purchases above Rs 10000 would get 200 friend requests including one from Mukesh Bansal himself and he has also agreed to poke the person on Facebook.

However the damage seems to have been done for the compliant who has now reverted back to his old profile pic which shows him standing beside DELL servers.