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Man misses to post a pic of his dad on Father's day, goes into depression

22, Jun 2015 By kiranmv

Shreshtaputra (SP), an IT professional in his late twenties was admitted to hospital on Monday for treatment of acute depression with signs of suicidal tendencies.

It all began when Shreshtaputra opened his FB page on Monday and saw all his friends had posted the previous day their pictures with their dads on their wall with emotional messages expressing their love for their dad.

Immediately, SP realized that he had totally missed to post the picture of himself and his dad on the Fathers day which made him feel bad and guilty.

He strongly felt he is not being a great son at all. Not just that, he also realized that he totally lost the chance of posting the photo which he had clicked with his dad when he was in hometown last month. He had clicked this pic keeping in mind exactly this oncoming occasion of Father’s day.

He had spent more than an hour on the Photoshop to edit the image to make himself appear more fit, fair and smart. It would make things worse for him to post the photo now as he could not explain that he had strayed away from FB due to the Saturday hangover.

He kept brooding over the same thoughts over and over in the office and also missed his lunch. He ignored the calls from his home was not very unusual but his friends got suspicious of his behavior when he ignored the free evening snacks and coffee provided by the company. Whenever spoken to, the only words he said was “one whole year”.

After a long insightful discussion with the psychiatrist at the clinic, did everyone realize that he meant he had to wait for one whole year now to tell the world how much he loved his dad and earn likes for his pic.

SP’s depressing thoughts turned suicidal when he saw that his sister, Shreshtaputri had posted a photo of her dad and had mentioned a touching incident of her childhood which had earned more than 300 likes.