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Man labelled as "Mother Hater" after he din't post anything on Mother's Day on Facebook

10, May 2015 By Akash

Noida. Akash, a working professional in a tech firm, has been labelled a “mother hater” by his friends on Facebook. Reportedly, Akash did not post anything, like cliched quotes, picture with his mother etc, on his Facebook wall on Mothers Day.

This led to a quite discomfort to his tech friends on Facebook. They started accusing him for being negligent towards her mother on his Fb wall. Some enthusiasts have even tagged him a mother hater in no time.

The man didn't even put such a picture on Facebook
The man didn’t even put such a picture on Facebook

One such Facebook lover friend of Akash said, “How can Akash be so indifferent towards her mother? Look at me I have shared five pictures with my mother and 10 famous quotes on Mother’s Day. And Akash shared none.”

He continued, “I rarely meet my mother or even call her hardly. But still I love her and always express this on Social Media. But Akash, who every weekend travels home to see his ailing mother and still he couldn’t post anything. Even today on the Day itself he is with his mother. But not even two lines for her on Fb. Shame on him.”

Other friends of Akash have also expressed same anguish to Faking News.

Talking to Faking News, Akash said, “I didn’t see this coming. Have never expected that my Fb wall will be filled with abuses and advises that I should care my mother.They don’t know anything what I do for my Mother. Seems social media has become the ultimate test of one’s caring be it Mother’s Day, Father Day or any other day. You just write any copied material on these days and you won’t be questioned further. I have earlier also been loaded with few abuses when I dint post any “Say Thanks” videos of Facebook and people here started doubting my friendship.”

“But this time they are way iut of proportion.Now I have learnt dealing this and I generally don’t respond,” he concluded.

Reportedly, Akash has deactivated his account of Facebook because of the abuses he is receiving from his Facebook friends.