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Man in ICU after watching "This will blow your mind at the end" video

24, Jul 2015 By Ajoy Kumar Singha

A man was rushed to AIIMS’ emergency surgery unit after a portion of his skull cracked due to expanded brain. His friends mentioned it happened after he finished watching a video posted at popular social media site Facebook. The video was titled “This video will blow your mind at the end.”

An artist's impression of what happened
An artist’s impression of what happened

“We all watch these kinds of videos on Facebook. These kinds of videos do not have proper descriptions but just a teaser and usually the title ends with ‘will blow your mind’, ‘you won’t believe what happened next’ etc. Mostly they are posted by poor webmasters who want to get few visits to their websites and those are usually YouTube videos posted by someone else with different title. We have probably watched similar videos millions of times but nothing happened to us,” claimed his class mates who are equally shocked by the incident.

Incident happened when Hoonar Kumar was watching a video on Facebook for the first time. The video had a screen shot with play button icon on it. Clicking on it will not play the video but will lead to the website who copied the video from YouTube. When Hoonar started to watch the video on the website, his brain started to expand as the video progressed towards the end.

And then suddenly a portion of his skull burst and blows out a portion of his brain area. Hoonar became unconscious soon after. His friends, who were near him, rushed him to the hospital.

When asked about the incident to a social psychologist, why only Hoonar’s mind (brain) blown out even though millions of people watch similar videos everyday on Facebook or other websites, he said, “Most people’s brain are located in their knees and not inside the skull as many had earlier thought.  Knee is actually harder than skull and it is very difficult to blow that area, at least watching videos will not burst it easily.”