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Man in depression after his photography page gets only 13 likes

30, Aug 2013 By somegirl

A strappy young man is horribly depressed after his Facebook page named “Bhokal Photography” got only 13 likes from his 1000+ friend list.

He tried several desperate measures –

  1. Clicking a cute woman’s silhouette on a beach against the sunset and captioning it with deep thoughts like ‘looking at new horizons’
  2. Going to Delhi’s old, deserted forts and tombs and clicking from angles that can scare away spiders hanging from webs
  3. Using his SLR to click pictures of other SLRs
  4. ‘Food walks’ – starting with new-idea coffee pictures to frustration in the form of vada pav pictures
  5. Harassing butterflies and honey bees by invading their privacy. The butterflies have had to resort to complaining to park chowkidaar after the said photographer did not budge even after repeated stings from bees
  6. The Mochi and Pani puri wallah also had to go absconding after he violated their personal space by demanding to shoot their movements 24*7
  7. His laptop crashed as it could not handle any more of unlicensed Photoshop activity

Despite inviting his friends, friends of friends and friends of friends of friends and friends^4 to Like his page, all he achieved was a warning notice from FB to stop spamming.

This was further reported to be aided by him pleading people to like his page on unrelated groups like broker-free flats, I hate Rahul baba and pure desi fraindships.

His frustration is heightened by the fact that his friend’s page ‘Jabbar Photography’ has more likes just because he more talented, even though his SLR is low in resolution by several micro-pixels.

Dejected Mr. Bhokal roams the streets of Chandni Chowk and asks people, what else could have I done?

Some fans subtly suggested that he slash his wrist and click its picture. The picture may get him the required number of likes and possibly spare the world of his continued atrocity.