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Man held at airport for not updating “traveling to….” status on Facebook

04, Jun 2014 By emrrqueue

New Delhi. It had been not less than a nightmare for Mr. Davis when he was captured by airport officials while he was making his checkout through Terminal 3 of IGI Airport.

Facebook Checkin
Don’t forget.

Mr. Davis who is a frequent traveler to various countries told Faking News that he had come to India to experience ‘achche din‘ but he was himself muddled about being arrested despite of having furnished all the required documents including his Visa and passport.

However in an exclusive interview to Faking News, Mr. Pandey who is the head of Security at IGI Airpot said, Mr Davis have been arrested for not updating “travelling to …” status on his Facebook profile.

“We just checked it out while he was about to checkout. How could be he so irresponsible,” wondered Mr. Pandey. He further added, “It’s trending to update travelling to status with a small airplane icon and it’s in. I have seen people updating their travelling to… status every now and then even when they are commuting between office and home. How can one survive without doing so.”

Mr. Pandey claimed, “Even I had updated the status with a little airplane icon while I came from my cabin which is a few meters away from the place where he was being interviewed. And Mr. Davis who was really travelling by an aircraft did not.”

Meanwhile Mr. Davis is under custody and is being interrogated for his irresponsible act which created havoc for the officials.